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Want to know more about the cost of embryo adoption, the process of embryo donation, or how to best choose a family to receive your embryos? Our interesting infographics can help you better understand these complex topics.

Pathway2Family: A magazine about fertility and adoption

Check out the latest issue of Pathway2Family at pathway2family.org! In the latest issue, you can read: 7 Helpful Self-Care Tips as You Work to Overcome Infertility Speaking to Your Doctor About Embryo Adoption The Journey to Pregnancy: Laying the Adoption … Read More

5 Advantages of Embryo Adoption

1. Embryo Adoption allows the mother to experience pregnancy and childbirth. Many families who cannot conceive mourn the fact they have never experienced pregnancy and childbirth.  Other types of adoption cannot alleviate this grief. When the woman has received a … Read More

12 Questions Embryo Adoptees Want Answered

Even if you decided to adopt your child as an embryo, they will have questions. We recommend you begin gathering answers to these questions now, to make answering them later a bit easier. What are my genetic parents’ first and … Read More

Embryo Donation Decision Tool

What to do with your unused embryos? A guide for sorting through the options. Many couples who choose in vitro fertilization (IVF) create more embryos than they finally use to build their family. Remaining embryos are in frozen storage. But … Read More

7 Standard Infertility Tests

The initial infertility evaluation always includes investigation on both partners. For women: Ovarian reserve testing to assess both egg quantity and quality Blood markers, FSH-follicle stimulating hormone and AMH-anti-mullerian hormone Pelvic ultrasound to look for the number of antral follicles … Read More