12 Questions Embryo Adoptees Want Answered

12 Questions Embryo Adoptees Want Answered Even if you decided to adopt your child as an embryo, they will have questions. We recommend you begin gathering answers to these questions now, to make answering them later a bit easier.

  1. What are my genetic parents’ first and middle names?
  2. Do I have any genetic siblings?
  3. What are the first names of my genetic siblings?
  4. Were donor eggs or sperm used in my conception?
  5. Why did you choose my genetic parents?
  6. How long was I frozen?
  7. Does anyone else in my genetic family know about me?
  8. Will I ever get to meet my genetic family?
  9. Where does my genetic family live?
  10. What traits did I inherit from my genetic parents?
  11. Are there any inherited medical concerns I should know about?
  12. What should I call my genetic parents?