Couples who explore adopting a frozen embryo wonder what it will be like for their child to learn their origin story as they grow up. How will being born from a frozen embryo affect their overall health and well-being? Will it affect them during their teenage years?

Meet Hannah. Hannah was one of the first “Snowflake babies,” born from an adopted frozen embryo through an open adoption model. She’s now a happy, healthy 15-year-old girl who speaks very intelligently about her adoption as an embryo, and she and her parents are advocates for helping more people learn about the embryo adoption option for growing their family. Hannah was just 12 when she was interviewed for this video:

Hannah’s parents maintained a policy of being open and honest with their daughter, and giving her information about her origins in an age appropriate way. Embryo adoption agencies believe this is the best way to handle telling your child, and for most children, it simply becomes a natural part of their personal story. When this sort of communication is established with a child at an early age, it allows them to ask questions and get the information they need in a way that’s comfortable for both child and parents. Along with an open adoption model that allows them to have access to their biological family’s information, “snowflake babies” can grow up as happy, healthy, and well-adjusted as a child born through any other method.

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