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  • The World and Everything in it: Listening In – The Strege Family – John and Marlene Strege were struggling with infertility more than 20 years ago. They thought about in vitro fertilization but decided that there were moral and ethical problems with that approach. They considered adoption too, but their study of in vitro fertilization caused them to realize that there were more than a million human embryos frozen, essentially in limbo. They decided to adopt one of those embryos.
  • Life Issues Institute: Lives Yet to Be Lived – The birth of Hannah Strege is recorded in history books and has been the subject of university ethics classes.  She was the world’s first adopted frozen embryo. Hannah’s origin changed the landscape of possibilities regarding adoption.
  • Lutherans for Life: Our Embryo Adoption Journey – I never thought in a million years I would be pregnant with an adopted baby. That changed three years ago. My husband and I were struggling to conceive, so we went to an adoption meeting. When we learned about embryo adoption, we both were immediately intrigued.
  • WEAU 13 News: Couple becomes parents thanks to embryo adoption – “We were crushed, it was like adding insult to injury, we were still struggling with the heartbreak of a miscarriage,” Kelly said. “Then when you add infertility on top of it, and it is the deepest, darkest, saddest thing I’ve ever gone through.” Then, Kelly learned of a process called embryo adoption.
  • Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk Radio: A Snowflake Named Hannah 2 – All life, from the moment of conception to natural death, is created in the very image of God Almighty. On this broadcast, Dr. Dobson continues his conversation with John, Marlene, and Hannah Strege, the first family involved in a ‘snowflake adoption.’ They discuss their legal and societal advocacy for frozen embryos and the growing awareness of this cause within the pro-life movement.
  • Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk Radio: A Snowflake Named Hannah 1 – The month of January highlights the truth that all human life is sacred. On this broadcast, Dr. Dobson talks with a family who has been advocating for the pro-life movement for over 20 years. John and Marlene Strege were the first couple to adopt a frozen embryo, a process now called ‘snowflake adoption.’ Hear their fascinating testimony and their daughter Hannah’s perspective of her unique origins.
  • More To Life Magazine: Building Families through Faith – Infertility issues put up a roadblock that became navigable only when we chose to walk by faith. Embryo adoption, an option that had never been considered before until my wife Marlene suddenly broached the idea, eventually provided us a daughter, Hannah, who recently turned 21.
  • ABC News: PrimeTime: Embryo Adoption – The Grays did not like any of the options for their remaining embryos. They wanted to know their offspring would be well taken care of, and they wanted to find parents who were college-educated Christians married for at least seven years. The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program in California helped them find Cara and Greg Vest, who would adopt the embryos, and then give birth to the Gray’s genetic children.
  • Ozarks First: Family struggling with infertility prepares for embryo adoption – It’s been about 10 years since Nick and Amanda Polking first tried to start a family. After visiting the doctor, they spent a year trying to track down why it wasn’t working. They were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. The Polking’s were surprised to learn about another way to grow their family.
  • WDJT Milwaukee – The Eggleton’s knew they still had more than a dozen embryos and were faced with few choices. They could keep the embryos frozen, donate them to science, or put them up for adoption. And that’s where the Schneiders came in.
  • Eric Metaxas Show – we sat down with own with Eric Metaxas at the National Religious Broadcasters International Christian Media Convention and share with him Nate Birt and his families story of adopting a baby through embryo adoption.
  • Bill Martinez Live – Nate Birt’s shares his journey with embryo adoption at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) International Christian Media Convention.
  • WSOC Charlotte – Local couple Scott and Leigh Foster were in their 40s, trying for their third baby and struggling with fertility issues when Leigh said she set her heart on embryo adoption.
  • The Kansan: A different path – After struggling with infertility for years, a Whitewater couple is going to become parents in an uncommon way: through embryo adoption.
  • Pickler & Ben: The Amazing Story of a 24-Year-Old Embryo – In November 2017, Ben and Tina’s daughter Emma was born as the result of a frozen embryo transfer. She was originally frozen in October 1992, just a year after her mom Tina was born! Emma broke the world record as the longest frozen embryo at 24 years!
  • Indiana University: Scott & Sophie Wallace – Indiana University alum Scott and Sophie Wallace discuss their journey as parents going through the embryo adoption process through the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program.
  • Focus on Fertility: Using Embryo Adoption as an Option – In this episode of Focus on Fertility we’ll speak with a couple, Nate & Julie, who recently completed the use of embryo adoption to help in completing their family. Are you aware of embryo adoption as an option that might be right for you? If not or if you are curious about the processes and timeline involved, this episode will be informative and helpful for you.
  • Focus on Fertility: Embryo Adoption – This week we are joined by program director, Kimberly Tyson, of Snowflakes Embryo Adoption. What is embryo adoption? Is it the right path for you? What are the processes involved? What are the costs? All of these questions and more are answered. Additionally, if you are someone who may have frozen embryos in storage and looking for an option regarding them, adopting them to another family maybe a solution.
  • Reporter: Love for the least of these – Hannah Strege is a 19-year-old college freshman with a brilliant smile, big dreams of becoming a social worker — and an origin story that’s kept her in the public spotlight since she was no bigger than a grain of sand.
  • KTAB News: Abilene couple shares journey to embryo adoption – This Texas family has been blessed with identical twin daughters as a result of their use of donated embryos through their fertility clinic. In the story you will hear them refer to their ‘embryo adoption’. This is not a story of embryo adoption because no best practices of adoption were used by this family nor by their clinic. Families have been able to receive donated embryos from a fertility clinic for 30+ years, and many children have been born as a result!

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