Embyro Adoption

What Does It Cost?

Cost of Embryo Adoption

Embryo adoption is a lower cost adoption choice when compared to the cost of domestic or international adoption, in vitro fertilization and the cost of purchasing human eggs.

Embryo adoption fees are primarily paid by the adopting family. Generally, the donating family does not receive payment for their donation, nor should they expect the recipient family to cover any of the IVF expenses they have incurred. The donor may incur charges for FDA regulation infectious disease testing, required to donate embryos. Embryo storage costs prior to the match are also the responsibility of the donor family. The recipient family may be asked to pay for storage fees after the match is made. If you have more questions, please watch our webinar about the cost of embryo adoption.

Do you have questions?

This 32-page guide will walk you through the most commonly asked questions about embryo donation and embryo adoption.