Embyro Donation

Giving Families Hope

What Is Embryo Donation?

You’ve spent your precious time and resources on IVF treatments. Now you have completed your pursuit of building a family and your remaining embryos are waiting for you to decide their fate.

Are you committed to giving your embryos the life for which you created them? Is the idea of allowing another family to give birth to your embryos difficult?

Donation through embryo adoption allows you to choose the family who will receive your embryos. These adopting families have completed an adoption home study – you know the potential recipient of your embryos has been vetted by a licensed adoption agency. You have the power to select a family based on your preferences.

You may also donate through your fertility clinic if they have an embryo donation program. However, some clinics do not have a program, and most clinics only allow you to donate anonymously.

With embryo adoption, you not only control who receives your embryos, you also get to know about the future of your embryos. When did the family have the frozen embryo transfer? Did any of the embryos survive the thawing process? Did the couple become pregnant? When was the baby born? Was it a boy or a girl? With this process, you’ll know the answers to questions that are important to you.

You also have the opportunity to establish a mutually agreeable communication plan for ongoing communications with the family you choose.

Do you have questions?

This 32-page guide will walk you through the most commonly asked questions about embryo donation and embryo adoption.

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