Embyro Donation

What Does It Cost?

Cost of Embryo Donation

Generally, there is no cost to you for donating your embryos. It is your gift to the family you choose to place with! There may be instances where the clinic or agency may charge a fee for sets of only 1 or 2 embryos.

Some donors are curious about whether or not they can expect reimbursement for some of their IVF or storage expenses. Most programs do not reimburse donors for their IVF expenses or embryo storage costs.

After you have placed your embryos with a family and signed the contractual agreements, the embryos become their responsibility and ongoing storage costs are theirs to pay.

Embryo Donation & Embryo Adoption Videos

Embryo Donation & Embryo Adoption Webinars

Pathway2Family Magazine

For several years Nightlight Christian Adoptions created Pathway2Family magazine to help educate donors, adopters and medicinal professionals about this important topic. You may conveniently read this unique embryo donation and embryo adoption magazine on your favorite device.  Each issue contains insight regarding the process, visual guides, and family stories. We want to help you find your Pathway2Family.

The Adoption Process

Through this simple and successful adoption process, you control the pregnancy and give birth to your adopted child. No costly “donated” human eggs, no expensive IVF, no traveling, no anxiety about a birthmother changing her mind, no international intrigue. Watch a series of videos to learn more about how the process works.