I Have Remaining Frozen Embryos

Our beautiful family is complete! We even have remaining embryos in frozen storage! Now what? Maybe you have thought, “We will think about that tomorrow…” and now many tomorrows have passed and you are facing another large storage bill from your clinic. Embryo storage fees are cutting into your child’s college fund!

Since leaving your embryos frozen indefinitely is not working for you, it is time to make a decision regarding what to do with them.

You have three other options besides leaving the embryos in frozen storage:

  1. You can thaw and discard your embryos – perhaps with a ceremony, or by transferring them into your womb at a time when there is virtually no way in which they could result in a pregnancy.
  2. You can contribute your embryos to science in hopes they can help bring scientific breakthroughs or some great medical discovery. But maybe that makes you uneasy…. the embryos will be destroyed.
  3. You can give the gift of hope and life! You can donate your embryos to another couple.  Embryo adoption is like adoption – it simply begins nine months earlier in the process!

Embryo donation is a precious gift that can result in a baby for those who are still struggling with infertility.

For more information on Embryo donation and adoption visit www.EmbryoAdoption.org.