How Do I Donate My Remaining Embryos?

You are thinking about donating your embryos to help another couple realize their dream of building a family. But how? And who could receive such a great gift? Right now, it may seem complex and maybe overwhelming. But don’t fret. Like with every important journey, there’s a map you can follow to help you reach your destination.

Start by asking some questions:

Do I want to be involved in choosing a family to receive my embryos?

Do I want the couple who receives my embryos to know who I am, or do I just want them to receive medical information about the embryos?

Do I want to know if they give birth?

Do I want to have contact with the family who receives the embryos?

If you want the freedom to choose who your embryos go to, or are interested in finding out the outcome, you’ll want to find a clinic with a designated donation program or an adoption agency.

The professionals at that program will help you decide for your embryos. They’ll help you with the medical and legal processes required.  They’ll help you find the kind of family that you feel comfortable with receiving your embryos. A small family? A big family? A multi-racial family? A family who likes to keep in touch? Or one that just sends an update once a year?

Whatever your requirements may be, the professionals at your program will help you get matched with just the right family. And in just six to nine months, from the time you took your first step and applied, your embryos could be received by a family who will love them, just like you do.

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