Don’t let money be the reason you give up on your dreams of pursuing embryo adoption! There are endless ways to approach raising the money needed to embark on this family building avenue.

The thought of fundraising can be intimidating. You may be tempted to assume that NO ONE will want to help you with your adoption journey; that is certainly NOT true. Your friends and families may not feel called to embryo adoption, but you do! Helping you fundraise can be a great way for them to support adoption even though they may not be able to do it themselves.

Here are just a few of the ways you can begin (or continue) your fundraising journey:


Adoption T-Shirt Fundraiser

Design a T-Shirt that represents a piece of your adoption journey. If you are pursuing a Snowflakes Embryo Adoption, include cute snowflake pictures. The ideas are endless! Sell your T-Shirts to family and friends for $30. All proceeds go towards funding your adoption.


This is a unique organization that helps families fund their adoptions through sneaker donations. Have friends, family, or even people you do not know donate their used sneakers. GotSneakers will buy them from you for $7 dollars a pair! Everyone has old sneakers laying around collecting dust. Collect them, give them a quick clean, and send them in. 150 pairs would raise $1,050!

Host a Benefit Concert

Do you have any friends in a local band? Are you in a local band? Could you be in a local band? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you can throw a benefit concert for your embryo adoption! This is a great way to connect with people and share your story. You can even share about your journey towards adoption at the beginning, end, or during intermission.

If fundraising still feels overwhelming, there are people you can speak with to help you along your journey, check with your adoption or donation program to see if they have any resources available for funding.

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