Home studies are extremely beneficial to embryo adoptive parents. Whether you are adopting embryos through an adoption agency or another organization, a home study, criminal background check, and/or phycological evaluation is often required. Please consider four main reasons why we find it necessary for embryo adopting parents to have a home study completed before adopting embryos.

Reason #1: Having a completed home study follows best practice for adoption.

After all, embryo adoption ultimately results in a child being placed in a home just like any other form of adoption such as Domestic or International Adoption. This child is just at the earliest stage of his/her life.

Reason #2: Requiring a completed home study is in the best interest of the children who are born from the embryos.

Understandably, children come to an age where they have questions about their origins. Research shows that adopted children growing up in a family with open adoption communication tend to build a stronger trust with their adopted family relationships, have higher self-esteem, less behavioral problems. Adoptive parents who complete a home study will be more prepared for their child’s questions. Parents will be able to refer back to what they learned through their education and share age appropriate explanations about their adopted child’s genetic origins.

Reason #3: Requiring a completed home study is in the best interest of the adopting family.

It is important for adoptive families to feel educated about their decision and confident in their desire to adopt a child through this unique (and not so well-known) form of adoption.

Reason #4: Requiring a completed home study is in the best interest of the donor family.

Having adopting couples complete a home study gives peace of mind to the donor families. Home studies involve appropriate amounts of education, assessments, and even include background checks. Donor families will more likely feel at peace knowing their embryos are being placed with families that are prepared, educated, and committed to loving and raising these children.

Home Study Resources

We have compiled a list of organizations that offer home study services at minimal cost in all 50 states. We are also aware of an adoption agency that offers what is called a Snowflakes Family Evaluation (SFE). The SFE is a less expensive option, requires only one home visit, and can be completed within 1-2 months. They offer this option to families no matter the state or country they live in.

Interested in more information about home study providers for your embryo adoption?

Please visit our website. You will find our compilation of home study providers and more information about embryo adoption and donation.