Child born from 20 year old embryo

Medical barriers are conquered every day, even in the world of embryo donation and adoption.

In an October 2010 Popular Science article, Mara Hvistendahl reports that a 42-year-old American woman gave birth to a baby boy, an event not terribly uncommon.  The amazing part, the boy came from an embryo that had been cryo-preserved for the previous 20 years.

The unidentified mother of the record-breaking baby boy had been unsuccessfully attempting In Vitro Fertilization since she was 32-years-old. After receiving donated embryos from an anonymous couple, the woman underwent a successful Frozen Embryo Transfer, became pregnant and 9 months later gave birth to her son.

The embryo donor parents underwent IVF in 1990. After giving birth to a child, they then decided to cryo-preserve the remaining embryos for future donation.

Popular Science explains that the new born boy is a record setter and that no child had previously been born from an embryo frozen that long.

The successful birth of the 20 year old embryo opens new doors to the shelf life of frozen embryos and gives further potential to the older of the estimated 500,000 embryos in frozen storage.

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