After what feels like endless phone conversations, paperwork, and even possibly multiple visits with your doctor, you are finally in the matching process for your embryo adoption journey! Now you are just waiting for a donor family to become available or to choose you. While the path to embryo adoption is not an easy one, waiting often feels as though it is the most difficult leg of the journey.

Here are some practical and tangible ways to stay encouraged while you are waiting for a match:

Spend time with loved ones

There is nothing more encouraging or refreshing than spending time with those who love and care for you. Having that support can be a wonderful reminder that process is not one that is traveled alone, but rather in a community.

Keep a journal

Writing in your own, private journal can help you process emotion and find the right words to describe how you are feeling. Journaling is an amazing outlet for expressing joy or frustration through the process, and well as keeping track of small or large steps that are taken throughout the journey. It can be a huge encouragement to look back on your journal and see how far you have come!

Take up a hobby

Hobbies are twofold effective: They can be enjoyable and a great distraction! Taking up such hobbies as writing, reading, painting, drawing, or exercising allow you to de-stress and have fun while remaining mentally productive.

Trust the process

This may be the most difficult part. Waiting is never easy, but it is what helps us mature. Trusting and waiting helps mold character, grow our patience and teaches us that everything happens in the perfect timing. All these factors will help grow you into the parent you are meant to be when your perfect embryos finally come along!

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