Adding a new sibling to the family is an exciting time for both parents and their children alike. The expectation of a new brother or sister brings anticipation and also may bring some questions that parents who are adopting embryos may not be prepared for. It is difficult enough to answer the age-old “where do babies come from?” question, but what if the baby is not arriving via “the stork” but rather a “snowflake?”

There are a few tangible steps to take when discussing embryo adoption with older siblings, here are some tips to help make the conversation easier:

  • Before starting the journey of embryo adoption, put a plan together with your partner on how you want to discuss this unique way of family building with your existing children.
  • Be open and honest. Agencies, adoptees, and studies all confirm that being open about the adoption is easier for everyone involved.
  • Start a “Baby Book” or “Embryo Adoption Book” that highlights the important aspects of the embryo adoption journey with embryo facts and photos, ultrasounds, baby photos, etc. that is easy to follow along and understand.
  • Create a colorful graphic or diagram that explains the process of embryo adoption and where embryos come from.
  • Use kid-friendly resources. You aren’t the first parents that have had to tackle the embryo adoption discussion and you won’t be the last. Look for kid-friendly books that offer age-appropriate explanations about embryo adoption (there are several available on Amazon that are highly recommended). We also have a list of books on our website, as well!

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