So you have decided you would like to pursue an embryo adoption! That great! You are probably very eager to get started. One question though: How do you get started?

There are many programs out there: adoption agencies, embryo adoption programs, clinic donation programs, self-matching websites, etc. It can be difficult to determine which route is the best one for you and your family to pursue. Every program has their own eligibility requirements, fee schedules, fertility clinic policies, open communication policies, and more.

Understandably, the last thing you want to do is apply to the program that does not fit your needs and what you are hoping to achieve out of the adoption process. So we came up with a list of fifteen questions you can ask potential embryo adoption programs to help you narrow down the right program for you!

Questions to ask an embryo adoption program:

  1. How long has the organization existed, and how many placements has it made since its inception?
  2. Does the program have embryos available now? How many waiting families are there?
  3. What requirements does the organization have for prospective adoptive parents?
  4. What fees does the program charge, and what is the timeline for expected payment?
  5. What counseling services or other assistance does the organization offer?
  6. How quickly does the organization respond to questions or requests for information?
  7. How often does staff communicate case and program updates to prospective parents?
  8. Does the program require an adoption home study? If so, do they offer home study services?
  9. What type of pre-adoption education does the agency provide?
  10. How does the program match families? Is it donor-led, recipient-led, or mutual matching?
  11. Are open placements possible or is it strictly anonymous?
  12. Are you able to use your own fertility clinic or one that is connected to the program?
  13. What is the programs FET success rate for adoptive families?
  14. What does the program offer in terms of post-adoption support services?
  15. Does the program have the ability to connect you with another family who has adopted through the program previously?

Obviously, this is not an all-encompassing list of questions you should ask, but it is a great place to start! We also have a resource on our website that breaks down the differences between embryo adoption programs in the U.S. by age requirement, fertility clinic policies, available counseling, re-matching services, and embryo storage programs!

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