Do you believe that not telling your children how they were conceived is in your child’s best interest? Think again. Many people who are interested in donating their remaining embryos to another family have not yet told their children how they were conceived. What will happen if their children discover the secret of their conception?

Decisions are often made based upon fear rather than what is in the best interests of the children who are born from donor embryos. This adds to the difficulty of making the decision to donate embryos and often hinders their ability to choose open communications with the adopting family.

When working with a licensed adoption agency (to either place or adopt embryos) your patients are asked to accept using the best practices of adoption. Most of those best practices are in place to do what is in the best interests of the children, children born to the donor, children born to the adopter.

A few of those best practices include:

  • Encouraging open communications between the placing and the adopting families. The two families, not the agency, mutually agree upon the level and frequency of the communication.
  • Respecting privacy; not supporting secrecy.
  • Completing a family evaluation.
  • Permanent records storage by the agency.

There are many ways for children to discover the truth about their conception. Why not have the source of that truth be their parents, the people who love them the most? Our webinar “How Open Should You Be? is useful in helping people begin to understand the ramifications of secrecy.

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