The Embryo Adoption Home Study: What Are Your Options?

An adoption home study is an evaluation and educational tool used to help the adoption agency and you, as adopting parents, to determine your preparedness to parent through adoption. Some embryo adoption organizations require their recipient families to successfully complete an adoption home study before finding a match through their program.

The intent of a home study is to prepare you for the unique needs of an adoptee and to help you build important parenting skills. The home study is different for each adoption as everyone has different histories and experiences they bring into the process. It consists of paperwork, education, and interviews.

There are two options available to you if you are looking at pursuing a home study for embryo adoption.

Option #1: A Traditional Adoption Home Study

A traditional adoption home study may be used for either a domestic, foster-adoption, or embryo adoption. It may also be updated for use in other types of adoption programs. If you foresee an interest in potentially pursuing another type of adoption program in the future, this could be the right option for you.

Your home study provider will arrange a formal educational component regarding raising adopted children. Your social worker should make note of the embryo adoption education discussion in your home study, in addition to the formal general adoption education classes that are also required. Costs can vary by home study provider and U.S. state, usually between $2,000.00 – $3,500.00. (This does not include the fees associated with the required criminal background checks nor the travel expenses for the social worker.)

In addition, some embryo adoption organizations also require post-birth reports. You may want to check with your home study provider to learn about costs to complete a post-birth report.

Option #2: An Embryo Adoption Specific Home Study

This is a good option for families who are only wishing to pursue embryo adoption and do not foresee themselves pursuing other adoption programs in the future. The embryo adoption specific home study may only be used for an embryo adoption. It is non-transferable to domestic, international, or foster-adoption programs.

Because this home study centers around embryo adoption, all education revolves around embryo adoption. You do not need to complete education or required paperwork for domestic or foster-adoption programs. Additionally, these home studies are generally more cost effective (ranging anywhere between $1,500 - $2,500) and the required paperwork is more streamlined.

Some embryo adoption organizations, like the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, provide their adoptive families with an embryo adoption home study service. If your organization does not offer this home study option, we have a list of home study providers on our website who offer embryo adoption specific home studies.

To learn more about the home study for embryo adoption, please view our webinar, “Home Study for Embryo Adoption: What You Can Expect.”

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