Every year, on April 1st, there is a popular joke people like to play on their friends and family members. You know the one, right? It is usually done over social media. The one where it shows an ultrasound photo of an unborn baby, or that positive pregnancy test along with the words, “Uh oh…” or “Due October 2020.” It’s the fake pregnancy announcement joke.

While for some people the joke is innocent enough, but for others who are facing infertility (especially women), that fake announcement comes across insensitive and hurtful—almost like a punch to the stomach.

One in 8 couples in the United States face infertility and it can take quite a physical, emotional, and mental toll on those who suffer from it. One of the things that can set off an emotional roller coaster is social media posts from families who are expecting or have had a baby. They want to be happy and ecstatic for their friends or family members, but at the same time they feel sadness, sometimes jealously, and the ever-present question of “When will it be my turn?” pops into their head.

And to deal with all those emotions, only to find out that it is all a joke. Can you see how that would seem insensitive?

When people make a joke, for women who want more than anything in the world to be pregnant, it really catches you off guard. And these feelings don’t go away once these families finally have children of their own—it will follow you for years after.

So instead, this April Fool’s, stick with the light-hearted Whoopi Cushion and leave the fake pregnancy announcement alone.

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