Infertility can be one of the most stressful situations couples can face. There are many highs and lows, hormone medications, and doctor visits. Many couples are confronted with feelings of disappointment, anger, and frustration at various points throughout the journey. If you are here, then it is likely that you or someone you love is in the midst of a season like this, and Valentine’s Day can be a tough reminder of the hurt.

Valentine’s Day is usually marked by red and pink flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, or little heart shaped candy verses everywhere. If you’re in the midst of your fertility journey, seeing all of these cutesy decorations can spark further disappointment and frustration.

So this year, we urge you to take a step back to remind yourselves of all the reasons that brought you together as a couple from the beginning. Was it his contagious laugh and commitment to honesty? Did her intelligence and beauty woo you? What was it about your spouse that made you want to raise a family together? How have you grown closer together over the years? How can you best support each other during a trying season?

Remember why you’ve chosen each other—this will help you stay connected and be a stronger couple, no matter the outcome. It is your love for each other that you can lean on when you are tired and weary. Use this day to reconnect over the past and recommit yourselves to your future together—all while celebrating what you love about one another!

If you and your spouse connect over research, why not investigate embryo adoption as a family building option? Many families have found this option to be a success in building their family! Your next steps could be just around the corner.

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