Infertility can feel like a lonely, isolating journey. Especially throughout the holiday season. Mixed emotions can make it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. If one of your dear friends, sisters, cousins, etc. is struggling with infertility, here are a few gift ideas to let her know that you care.

The Gift of Self-Care

Book her a massage at your local spa, make a basket with some face masks and lotion, or take her to get her nails done. Create an opportunity for her to take a little extra time on herself. These options can help take the focus on some of the constant struggles while facing infertility.

Take her out

Get dressed up and enjoy a night out! Treat her to dinner or go to a concert. Create some fun memories together that you she can relive when things get tough.

Fun Activity

Take a cooking class or go bowling. Try to take her out of her normal routine to do something fun that can get her mind off of her infertility struggles. An activity that involves spending time with you is a beautiful gift.

Give her a journal

It can be difficult to share with others the struggle of infertility, so a journal where she can write down all her thoughts and feelings could be a great outlet for her. Grab a couple fun pens to go along with it!

Thoughtfully reaching out to your loved one will mean so much to her. Knowing that she is supported by you may lift her spirits and remind her that she is not alone. Your thoughtfulness and kindness will encourage her while she is going through a really tough season.

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