Be Thankful for Your Fairy Tale…

As children, we loved listening to our parents tell us stories about an imaginary world, that was full of adventure and always had a happy ending. For many of us, we are still waiting for that happy ending. We had a beautiful wedding, and we settled into a warm and loving relationship, but as the years went by something was missing. We dreamed of having a family but needed a little magic to make things happen. Now years later, we have the family of our dreams. You might think the story is over, but there is one more adventure waiting to happen.

Only for them, there is no magic. They, like you, can’t seem to manage it on their own and they are longing for a Fairy godmother to wave a magic wand and give them just what they need to help start a family of their own.

You may have the magic another family needs by placing your remaining embryos for adoption.

As you gather around the table this Thanksgiving, ready to carve the turkey, pass the mashed potatoes, and pour the gravy, take a moment and think about how different life would be if you had not had the family of your dreams. Think about tucking your little ones in at night and reading them a bedtime story. Hearing their excitement as you turn the page, seeing them light up when good wins and watching them drift off to sleep because all is as it should be.

Now imagine yourself being given the opportunity to write a happy ending to a story that is still unfinished—a story about your remaining embryos. A story where you wave a magic wand, and grant the wish of a family that hope, like you once did, for a story that ends with happily ever after.

Placing your embryos for adoption may just be the joy-filled ending to another family’s fairy tale. Learn more at