Does Your Baby Make You Smile?

October 4th is known as World Smile Day. A day established and promoted by the “Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation” in 1999. At the core of this day is the goal of “improving this world one smile at a time.” One major event that goes a long way to increasing smiles is the birth of a child.

However, some couples struggle with conceiving. Today, 1 in eight couples will face infertility. Many of these families opt to pursue IVF to build their family—we can all do with a little help now and then! Remember when you first got the news that your doctor had successfully created so many embryos, thereby increasing your chance of parenthood? I bet that put a smile on your face. Or the day when you learned you were pregnant? What love flowed through your heart and mind as you contemplated holding your little bunddle of joy in your arms. Now that’s a day to remember!

But what happens when you have your desired family, and yet still have remaining embryos?

You hoped for these little ones to be created, and now find yourselves in a position of not being able to bring them to term. What can you do?

Let me tell you, there are couples who are just like you, who have dreamed of having a family, but through no fault of their own are unable to conceive naturally. So they look into adoption, and choose embryo adoption so as to experience the joy of pregnancy, birth, and bonding with their child.

There are many programs out there who can help you find the right family for your embryos, such as the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program. One of the amazing things they do for the families they serve are the choices they give each couple when they place their embryos for adoption. For example, parents can choose the adopting family and the communication style they want. They also have the comfort in knowing their embryos will stay together so they can grow up with genetic siblings. Now, that certainly gives a person some peace of mind!

Why not check out what organization is the best fit for you and your remaining embryos?

Harvey’s legacy lives on and so can yours.

Will you put a smile on someone else’s face? Place your embryos for adoption and make someone’s dreams come true!

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