Frozen but Not Forgotten

Frozen, But Not Forgotten by Nate Birt

You’ve researched embryo adoption: the cost, clinics, programs, medical aspect, different methods of matching, etc. But do you still wonder what the embryo adoption process is really like? Especially if you’re leaning towards adopting through an agency.

Or maybe you are looking into donating your remaining embryos but you’re not sure what program is the right fit for your family.

In his new book, Frozen But Not Forgotten: An Adoptive Dad’s Step-by-Step Guide to Embryo Adoption, Nate Birt explains his family’s experience through the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program. He explains to his readers what to expect at each stage of the process, answers frequently asked questions, and describes his family’s wonderful, open relationship with their daughter’s placing family. You can listen to Nate tell his story on the Eric Metaxas show.

Sometimes, the push you finally need to move forward in the adoption process is just hearing from someone else who has been through it. You can buy Frozen But Not Forgotten for yourself on Nate’s website or on Amazon.

You can also check out Nate’s blog at He also posts quarterly blogs for the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center.

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