How Long is Long Enough?

Embryo donation for reproduction is a unique option which can help families with remaining embryos make a life-giving choice for remaining embryos they do not plan to use for their own family building.

Three reasons to motivate you to make a decision:

  1. The longer your embryos remain frozen, the more likely you are to quit paying for storage and abandon your embryos.
  2. What if, God forbid, you get divorced or your spouse passes on? What happens to your remaining embryos then?  It’s better make a decision together now than in the throes of sorrow.
  3. You created these embryos because you wanted to have babies! There are families who would love to help your embryos be born so they, too, can have children.

Would you like to know what is going to happen with your donated embryos?

  • Choosing to work with an embryo adoption agency, such as the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, empowers you to choose the family who will receive your gift of embryos.
  • An adoption agency will keep you informed about FETs, pregnancies, births. If you donate through your clinic, this information is not available to you.
  • Embryo adoption encourages you to build a relationship with the adopting family you choose. Secrecy is a fallacy in a world with quick and inexpensive DNA testing and social media. Openness is in the best interests of you, your children, the adopting family, and their children.

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