A Journey from Two Sides: The Adoption Perspective

Blake & Sarah meeting Michael & Lisa

This is part 2 of last week’s blog (link here). This story is featured in the current issue of Pathway2Family magazine, Winter/Spring 2019. Read the whole issue online!

My husband Blake is an answered prayer himself, having been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby. Over the years, Blake has battled his disease and the many health problems that come with CF, but we did not know until after our marriage how his health would set the stage of our future family. We knew that it was unlikely that we would be able to conceive our own baby naturally. Yet, at the same time, we both knew how much we dearly wanted a child of our own.

We considered both IVF and traditional adoption. Then we heard about the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program. It truly seemed as if the answer to our prayer was settling down upon our steps. Snowflakes allowed us the physical experience of carrying and delivering a baby (our adopted baby). Even more importantly, it gave the embryos a chance to live and grow.

We applied to the program in 2016, completing the necessary paperwork, education, and home study. We officially matched with our placing family early in 2017.

I could write an entire book about Lisa and Michael! The Snowflakes process was not difficult, and being matched with this family made our experience even better. From the very first paragraph of their family profile I was certain our prayers had been answered. I messaged our coordinator back within the hour and said, “This is the right family!” They gifted us with 18 embryos! We were delighted.

Building our relationship started with emailing and talking on the phone. When we finally met face-to-face, we knew it was a bond that would never break.

Adoption eighteen embryos has given us the opportunity to have multiple genetic siblings in our family. Our first pregnancy was scheduled after our third FET. We called Lisa and Michael with the joyful news, knowing they had been trying for our success.

The nine months of pregnancy flew by! Right now, I am holding my healthy and happy baby boy, Carson.

When Blake and I decided to choose an open adoption, we never knew we would be gaining a whole new family but we did! We have always thanked them for this amazing journey and for giving those precious embryos a chance at life. There are no worlds with enough meaning or impact to measure the gift they have given us—they have given us a part of themselves.

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