Pathway2Family: Winter/Spring 2019 Issue

Pathway2Family Winter/Spring 2019

Check out the latest issue of Pathway2Family magazine at! Here’s what is featured in the Winter/Spring 2019 issue:

  • 7 Helpful Self-Care Tips as You Work to Overcome Infertility – A list of self-care techniques you can use to show yourself the kind of love you’ll one day be showering on your baby!
  • The Journey to Pregnancy: Laying the Adoption Foundation – A detailed look at the application process for an embryo adoption.
  • Achieving Matching Success: How the Matching Process Works – A comprehensive breakdown of matching process in the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program.
  • A Journey from Two Sides – A story of embryo adoption from the family who created the embryos and the family who adopted them!
  • The Legal Security of Embryo Adoption… and Building Relationships – A look into the legal aspects of embryo adoption and the communication options that are open to donating and adopting families.

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