What Can I Do with My Remaining Embryos?

IVF is one of the most common medical treatments pursued by infertile couples. Did you know researchers found that about two thirds (65.3%) of patients will be successful after six or more cycles of IVF? If you do the math, that equates to a total of over 12 million IVF cycles!

Many times, when families go through IVF, they have not thought through the process of what happens to any remaining embryos. Oftentimes, families say they were so excited to finally get the family they have always wanted but frustrated or discouraged when they had to make a decision regarding embryo disposition. Do we keep them frozen? Can we afford storage fees? What if we were to donate them to research; what would happen?

And the longer people wait to determine what to do with their remaining embryos, the more likely they are to abandon them and simply stop paying the annual storage fee…

Is there a better solution?

Yes! Give the embryos you created through your IVF the opportunity to be born, to have the life you originally created them to have. Did you know that more than 10,000 babies have been born to families using embryos that were gifted to them?

You can donate your embryos for reproduction several ways, but we encourage the use of an adoption model. Why? Because this model actually allows you to choose the recipient of your remaining embryos.  No anonymity, no wondering if a baby was born, no fear regarding the people giving birth to your embryos.

Are you concerned that your embryos have been frozen for too long? So far, research has not shown there to be an ‘expiration date’ for frozen embryos. Don’t let another year go by without determining what to do with the embryos. Choose life for your embryos!

To learn more about embryo adoption and donation, visit www.EmbryoAdoption.org.