You have done your research, you have talked with your doctor, your family, and maybe your friends. You have made the decision: Embryo adoption is the right path for you. But just one little hurdle stands in your way—the cost.

While embryo adoption is one of the least expensive family building option, most families do not have the $6,000 to $15,000 needed buried in their backyard. How can you make this option financially feasible as you also work to save for a future child?

Here are some things to consider when thinking about funding your embryo adoption:

Start with savings – Adoption takes time, so plan ahead to save according to your estimated timeline.

Every penny counts – Take a look at what you can cut back on—clothes, TV, eating out, or other entertainment. The amount you save cutting back on some things will add up over time.

Fundraising – Many families raise most of their funds this way. You can have a garage sale, host a painting or craft party, sell cookie dough, or partner with an organization that helps raise funds for adoptions.

Borrowing from family – This can be a great option for some families, or it might be the worst option. In any case, if you ask a family member for a loan, make sure you set clear expectations of when you will pay the money back.

Crowdfunding – The new craze nowadays is crowdfunding. And it is used to raise money for adoptions all the time! Sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter can really help bring in some extra funds when needed. You can also use Adoption Bridge, which is a crowd funding site specifically for adoptions. This can also be a great way to ask family for donations!) Just make sure you update your post regularly and maybe offer incentives for higher donations.

Loans and grants – There are a lot of no interest loans and grants out there to help families towards their adoption goal. Just double check to make sure the organization will help with embryo adoptions. Each adoption agency will have different loans, grants, and scholarships they work with as well.

One organization you can look into is Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation, which awards grants to families who are pursuing fertility treatments. And embryo adoption is one of them.

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