Prepping for an Embryo Adoption Home Study

When you choose an adoption program you are likely wondering, “What does a home study entail and how can I prepare for it?”

Each adoption agency has developed their own process for home study completion, including state, federal, and program requirements. The purpose of each home study is the same: to affirm you can provide a safe and stable home environment for a child.

Here is a list of things to help you and your family prepare for the home study process ahead of time:

  1. Organize your filing system so you can easily get access to all certificates and decrees for anyone living in your home.
  2. Find tax records from the past two years. If you do not have them available they will need to be ordered through the IRS or a tax service. This can take around 45-90 days to process and receive and can significantly slow down the completion of your home study.
  3. Create a financial overview that can clearly identify any monthly income and financial obligations.
  4. Your social worker will be asking questions pertaining to your biography and interests. They will also be asking for references.
  5. Begin researching for yourselves regarding open adoption—self-training on this topic will help with conversations during your home study visit.

This short video may help you visualize the home study process. Preparing for your adoption home study will help you feel more confident and help you complete it more quickly.

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