From the Very Beginning… Ellen and Tim’s Embryo Adoption Adventure

In 2015, Ellen and Tim wanted to start a family. However, after two years, they still had not welcomed a baby into their home. Ellen began exploring adoption as a means to build their family, specifically international programs. The research made it clear they were not quite ready to adopt internationally.

In October of 2016, Ellen was talking to a co-worker about their struggles with having a baby and thoughts on pursuing adoption. Her co-worker then suggested embryo adoption. Neither Ellen nor Tim had ever heard of this adoption choice before.

After talking, praying, even more research, and visiting a fertility doctor, they decided embryo adoption was the right choice for them.

Ellen and Tim applied to Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program and have recently completed their adoption home study and other program required paperwork. They are now waiting for a match with a placing embryo family! You may follow their journey with us as we post updates right here regularly. You can also follow the story on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ellen is sharing on Instagram as well (@ellenvantreuren).

Best wishes to Ellen and Time as they journey down their embryo adoption path. You can watch their vlog on YouTube here about how they first heard about this unique adoption choice and what was involved in their embryo adoption home study. Stay tuned…

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