4word Women logo4Word is an online community that connects, leads, and supports professional women striving to achieve their potential. In May of this year, they created a series of blogs about embryo adoption and donation, with three women sharing their journeys through the unique family building option. This is a great series for anyone who is considering the adoption of embryo as a way to build their family, and even provides insight for anyone thinking about donating their remaining embryos. During the three-part series, 4Word tells the story of these three women:

  • Rebecca Henderson. Rebecca and her husband had twin daughters through in vitro fertilization. Because of the toll her pregnancy took on her body, they decided not to use their remaining 11 embryos that were waiting in frozen storage. Rebecca talks about the process they went through to determine that donating their remaining embryos to another couple was the right choice for them.
  • Kelli Gassman. Kelli and her husband discovered embryo adoption after they’d been married for several years. She discusses her journey of meeting her husband in her early 40’s and her strong desire to start a family with him. Kelli’s journey took her though some heartbreaking steps, but she discusses how embryo adoption finally brought her precious son and daughter into her life.
  • Misti Sanders. Misti and her husband were told they had less than a 5% chance of IVF working for them. Misti talks about her difficult journey through infertility to discovering embryo adoption and the opportunities that it could bring to her family. Misti also offers advice to anyone who is considering the process, including a reminder that no couple is alone when it comes to their infertility struggle.

These three women share something pretty incredible, too! Discover their unique connection in the links to the 4word blogs mentioned above. If you are interested in learning more about embryo adoption or donation, you can visit EmbryoAdoption.org to learn more.