running through a riverThe Internet is making is easier for people struggling with infertility to connect with a community who understands what they are going through. People dealing with infertility in even the most remote areas of the country are able to find supportive groups in online message boards and chat rooms. Many moms and dads have started keeping blogs detailing their infertility treatments, giving their readers insight into the process as well as a way to share their joys and sorrows with a community. Reading infertility blogs will show you that you aren’t alone and that there is hope to be found on even your darkest days of the infertility journey.

There are so many great blogs out there, but here are five of our favorites:

  1. My Path to Mommyhood
    After trying in vitro and embryo adoption, this special education teacher and her husband are now trying domestic adoption.
  2. My Little Soldiers
    An infertility blog geared towards men, this blog offers both personal stories about infertility from the male perspective and facts on infertility.
  3. Infertile Girl in a Fertile World
    Detailing her journey through infertility since 2012, the author of this blog welcomed her first child last August. The blog now focuses on how infertility affects her life after baby.
  4. Dreaming of Diapers
    A journey of IVF and surrogacy written over four years, this blog author is currently awaiting the birth of her child who is being carried by her sister.
  5. Snowflakes in the Rain
    Blogger Diane is mom to two beautiful girls thanks to embryo adoption. Read about her embryo adoption journey and how she decided it was the right method for her family. 

Have an infertility blog that you’d love to share? Leave a message in the comments!