Adopting frozen embryos is an affordable, safe method to build your family. While this method is helping more and more couples realize their dreams of being parents, many of those couples find that their relationship and the relationship they have with their future child benefits from pre-adoption counseling. The process of embryo adoption is an emotional one and some couples choose this method after an already-emotional journey with infertility. Pre-adoption counseling can help you sort through your complicated feelings, make difficult decisions, and get ready to become parents.

Choosing a counselor who is familiar with adoption issues is great; choosing a counselor who is familiar with infertility and embryo adoption is even better. They will be able to guide you through decisions you hadn’t considered and make plans for your embryo adoption process. You can find a list of counseling services online that have been chosen for their experience and knowledge of embryo adoption issues. These counselors can help you and your partner discuss complex issues, grieve the loss of your biological child, and get ready to welcome your new baby.

Many couples go through therapy during their battles with infertility and may feel that this therapy was enough to help them get through embryo adoption, as well. The issues of embryo adoption can be very different from the issues surrounding infertility. Give yourself and your partner the gift of being able to enter into the process of embryo adoption with a well considering, thoughtful plan for your future family. You can learn more about the embryo adoption process and the importance of pre-adoption counseling by visiting

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