A recent study out of the United Kingdom found that the more in vitro cycles a woman has, the greater her chances of success were for pregnancy. More clinicians felt that if a woman doesn’t conceive by the third or fourth cycle, her chances of ever having a successful IVF cycle are low. The study showed, however, that “persistence pays off” when it comes to IVF, and women still had relatively high rate of success into their sixth cycle.

While that could be good news for some, for others it could be crushing. The average cost of an IVF cycle is over $12,000, meaning women who are encouraged to try into their fourth, fifth and even sixth cycle could be facing costs exceeding $72,000 or more. Because only eight states require insurance companies to cover IVF and very few policies outside of those states will cover that many cycles, continuing IVF treatment can be financially out of reach for many couples.

It could be one of the reasons why more couples are turning to embryo adoption. Embryo adoption is a cost effective alternative to fertility treatment options such as IVF. For about the cost of one IVF cycle, you can adopt embryos and through the process of a frozen embryo transfer, give birth to your own adopted baby. Embryo adoption involves adopting several embryos at once; because of this, you’ll be able to attempt having multiple children through one adoption, keeping the costs down as you grow your family.

It is heartbreaking to make the decision to stop IVF treatment, but the financial realities of the process cause many couples to face that choice everyday. If you are a couple who can no longer afford to see if persistence pays off with IVF, take time to learn more about embryo adoption. You can visit www.embryoadoption.org to learn more.

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