3 Reasons the Cartledge Family Chose Embryo Adoption

There are a myriad of reasons to choose embryo adoption. Each family has their personal reasons forCartledge family in Tennessee, their choice to use embryo adoption resulted in the birth of their happy, healthy triplets, Henry, Charlie, and Brynton. Angela and Brian chose to use embryo adoption to help them grow their family for these reasons, in addition to others:

Photo by: Daryl Sullivan, The Daily Times

deciding that frozen embryo adoption is the right choice to grow their family, and the reasons for that choice vary from family to family. For the

  • They had decided not to pursue any more in vitro fertilization treatments. The couple had used IVF before, but decided to try another route through adoption. When they learned about embryo adoption, they decided it was perfect for their family.
  • They could avoid the legal issues of an adoption. Because Angela gave birth to the children, she and Brian’s names were on the birth certificates. Once the transfer of frozen embryos to the adopting family is complete, there are no other legal issues to worry about.
  • They could control the prenatal environment. Because Angela carried the triplets herself, she could make sure they got the best possible start to life while she carried them, including diet, exercise, and the proper prenatal doctor’s visits.
Angela and Brian’s triplets are now nearly three years old, giving their parents the full, happy household they had dreamed of having. You can learn more about why families are choosing embryo adoption as an alternative family building method by reading more personal stories at www.embryoadoption.org.

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