Will Embryo Adoption Work for Me Even if IVF Didn't?

Many couples who experience unsuccessful in vitro fertilization treatments can still go on to give birth to a healthy, happy baby through embryo adoption. Just because IVF didn’t work for them, they may believe that embryo adoption won’t either. But embryo adoption can help you overcome many of the challenges you may have been facing during your IVF treatments:

  • Lack of viable eggs. One of the most common reasons IVF fails is because the eggs are no longer viable. Many women seek IVF after they’ve waiting to start their families and find that they no longer have eggs that will result in a healthy embryo. Adopted embryos may come from younger, healthier eggs that offer a better chance for implantation. The embryo adoption experience all but eliminates the mother’s age as a factor for success.
  • Low success rates. Some clinics see higher success rates for frozen embryo transfers during embryo adoption than they do during IVF cycles. That could be because your body hasn’t been stressed out by fertility drugs and recovering from the harvesting of your eggs, so it’s more prepared to accept a pregnancy.
  • Ran out of money. Embryo adoption isn’t just for people who can’t afford their own IVF treatments – many couples turn to embryo adoption as an affordable alternative after they’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on repeating the IVF process. 

Don’t write off embryo adoption as an option after you’ve had unsuccessful IVF cycles. Talk to one of the embryo adoption experts at www.embryoadoption.org and learn more about why it could be the family building method that works for you.

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