Embryo Adoption Isn’t Just for Those Experiencing Infertility

There is no right way to become a parent. There are many paths to parenthood, and each couple’s journey is different. Some couples choose to use traditional methods to have biologically-related children, some couples choose to use traditional adoption to build their family, and some couples choose to use embryo adoption. There are even couples who choose to use all three!

Paul and Tammy Dillon of Temple, TX knew they wanted to have children biologically and through adoption even before they were married 18 years ago. The couple had two biological children before they decide it was time to adopt. They adopted one son and were in the process of adopting another when the biological mother changed her mind. Heartbroken, the couple decided to try embryo adoption. Tammy says initially the appeal of embryo adoption was that the biological parents couldn’t change their mind and take back the child because Tammy would be carrying and giving birth to the baby herself. In 2012 they worked with Nightlight Christian Adoptions' Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program and were matched with a couple who wanted to donate their embryos – Tammy gave birth to their adopted son soon after. Today the couple has four children and is planning on adopting more.

This story is an amazing example of how families can be built through all different means. Families can be made in the method that works best for the parents, whether that is traditional, through adoption, or via embryo adoption. The Dillon’s story also demonstrates that embryo adoption doesn’t have to be an option solely reserved for couples experiencing infertility; it’s an option for anyone who wants to continue to build their family. If you’d like to learn more about embryo adoption, visit www.embryoadoption.org.

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