The following is written by a family who choose to donate their remaining embryos and is edited by the Awareness Center for the purpose of this blog.

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Now, back to my calling to adopt. As my mom and I killed time at the mall before my final doctor’s appointment (the one where I came prepared with my suitcase and a list of reasons why I needed to be induced), my mom and I reflected on about how far I had come. Less than a year prior I was in the deepest depths of my infertility struggle and then here I was as big as a house, contractions and all, ready to pop with two perfect, little blessings.

I said to her, “You know, Mom, maybe this is my calling to adoption. Maybe I’m supposed to adopt my remaining embryos to a couple who desperately want to be parents.”

She just smiled. Ryan and I had already decided that if we did have more children, we wanted it to happen naturally. All of the infertility treatments I experienced: painful exams, difficult surgeries, countless ultrasounds, blood draws, depressing phone calls, awful injections, failed attempts, a miscarriage…I was done. I was getting ready to welcome two perfect little lives into my world. I couldn’t have been more content and fulfilled. We decided, though, to hang onto the embryos for a few more years until we knew for sure that we were ready to proceed with snowflake adoption. Then, 14 months later, came the unexpected and wonderfully happy news that little Easton was on his way.

Right then and there, as the rush of emotions set in that I was literally going to have three babies, I knew it was time to start exploring snowflake adoption. We began the process in summer (2012). By going through an agency, my husband Ryan and I had complete control with who the embryos were adopted to and likewise they, of course, had to agree to us as well. Earlier this year a lovely couple who live in Colorado were presented to us. They shared a beautiful online album showcasing their life, their struggle, their families, and most importantly their love. We felt an immediate connection and knew they were going to be the parents of our embryos. They officially adopted our embryos a few months later and she was implanted with two embryos. She tested 8 days later with a perfectly POSITIVE blood test! Their precious baby girl arrived earlier this year, right when Easton was due (literally—his conception date is the same as their transfer date).

I wasn’t prepared for the rush of emotions I experienced upon learning the news of her pregnancy, but am so incredibly happy. Wow! So amazing. We did it. We gave these perfect little embryos a chance at life and this little girl was most definitely meant to be. For us there was no other choice. I often look at Clayton and Chloe and wonder how they got to be the lucky two of eighteen that were chosen to be mine. How could we not give the others the same chance at life? Simple decision for us; difficult and unimaginable for others. I understand that. As Dr. Kan said, this whole process was being directed by a higher power. It still is. Thanks be to God. The miracle of life is most amazing! Thank you to our adoptive family. You are a blessing to our family and the little miracle you carried inside you.

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