Ethicist Russell D. Moore shared his opinion the morality of
Embryo Adoption at a recent meeting of the Southern Baptist

Embryo Adoption has helped hundreds of families around the country struggling with infertility achieve their dreams of pregnancy and is rapidly growing in popularity and acceptance, but is it ethical?

Ethicist Russell D. Moore and Pastor Matt Chandler weighed in on the issue during a question and answer session of an Ethics Seminar at the 2014 Southern Baptist Convention held in Baltimore, MD in June.

“Sometimes people will say, ‘A Snowflake adoption is the wrong thing to do because of the ethical problems with in vitro fertilization.’ That is not the case, because what is happening with Snowflake adoption is not the creation of new people through in vitro fertilization,” said Moore. “This is actually rescuing already conceived persons who are locked away in cryogenic storage units. So adopting an embryo is the exact same thing morally and ethically as adopting a child in any other way.”

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