Countering the Cost of Infertility with Insurance

Unfortunately, attempting to conquer infertility and achieve your dream of pregnancy can often be a costly process. But fear not, it is certainly possible, especially for families with health insurance which will help to cover the fees.

Creating A Family recently dedicated a webpage to helping families discover possible ways to use Health Insurance to cover the cost of fertility treatments.

Their list of 10 simple suggestions include:

  • Understand your insurance coverage BEFORE you go see a specialist.
  • Pay close attention to what diagnostic codes your infertility clinic uses for procedures, especially if your insurance only covers diagnosis, not treatment. If your insurance policy limits the number of IVF cycles it will cover, know beforehand how the policy defines an IVF cycle.
  • You want to know if and when you can stop an unpromising cycle so it will not count against your total.

Another option for families struggling to consider is Embryo Donation and Adoption, a process typically much less expensive than an IVF cycle. Embryo Adoption allows families to adopt embryos donated by the families who created them. Through a Frozen Embryo Transfer procedure, the adoptive family transfers the adopted embryos into the mother’s womb in hopes of achieving pregnancy and eventually giving birth to an adopted child.

To learn more about using health insurance to cover fertility treatments, including Frozen Embryo Transfers, please visit

To learn more about Embryo Adoption and how it can help you achieve your dreams of growing your family, visit

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