Embryo Adoption's Impact on the Gassman Family

The Gassman Family backstage at 'The Katie Show'

It has been quite the year for the Gassman family.

Just 370 days ago, Kelli and Dan Gassman gave birth to their first child Trevor using the process of embryo adoption. Since then, alongside enjoying the benefits of being a family, the Gassman’s have become pregnant a second time (again through embryo adoption), appeared on ‘The Katie Show’ to share their story and know have a major article Salem Statesman Journal.

The article, which ran on November 27, chronicles the Gassman’s amazing story including their decision to pursue embryo adoption after facing infertility.

“It was the perfect solution to everything. She (Kelli) can carry the baby, she can give birth, and you know exactly what has gone into prenatal care,” said Dan Gassman in the article.

Also featured is the story of Chris and Rebecca Henderson, who donated their remaining embryos to the Gassman family after successfully undergoing the process of In vitro fertilization.

To see the Gassman family on ‘The Katie Show’ or to learn more about embryo donation and adoption, please visit EmbryoAdoption.org.

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