Embryo Adoption Funnies Volume 1

Looking for a good way to start off your Monday? We may have just the right thing via a quick story shared with us by an embryo adoptive parent.

“We were in the car today talking to our kids about how their youngest sibling was taken to our doctor’s office when she was an embryo. We explained that she was in a cryo tank and shipped via Fed Ex. Our oldest daughter asked, ‘Why do they call it a cryo tank? It is because babies cry a lot?’ Have a blessed day and enjoy our daily funny.”

It is those sort of short stories that make our day (and hopefully yours) just a little brighter. If you have any funny or heartwarming stories surrounding your experience with embryo donation or adoption which you would be willing to share, we would love to hear them. Please send your stories to our fertility clinic liaison at Adam@Nightlight.org.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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