The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center recently launched a new outreach program to Ob-Gyns in which we hope to see these doctors become familiar with embryo donation and adoption and educate their patients about this unique and successful method to achieve pregnancy.

“Most women first discover their own infertility [or their husband’s] from their Ob-Gyn,” explains Kimberly Tyson, Director of the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center. “I know that after my own infertility diagnosis my first attempts to conceive were with the help of my Ob-Gyn. I tried everything short of IVF, but if my Ob-Gyn had told me about embryo adoption, I may have pursued it myself.  At that time I was not aware of the availability of donated embryos.  Informed choices are the result of informed doctors.  The purpose of this campaign is to help physicians help their patients achieve pregnancy and give birth to the child they long for.  Ob-Gyns may have both potential donor and potential adopting patients.  We believe these professionals are a key group for getting this important information communicated to those who can use it the most!”

Tyson hopes that this outreach to Ob-Gyns will allow women exploring their fertility choices to discover the option of embryo adoption earlier in the process.  It may enable the family to continue to pursue a pregnancy without the expense of in vitro fertilization or the purchase of donor human eggs.  

If you are an Ob-Gyn or you would like your Ob-Gyn to know more about embryo adoption, contact us at the Awareness Center. We would be happy to provide you with information about this new family building choice.

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