Embryo Adoption Mailbag Spring 2012


The following are samples of letter and emails the Awareness Center has received in the past few months.  If you would like to submit a question to the Awareness Center please email us at info@embryoadoption.org

Why is there no law in Pennsylvania about embryo adoption?
From Justine in Pennsylvania

Dear Justine,

That is a very good question. There are actually no laws regarding embryo adoption in the majority of states, including Pennsylvania. In these states, embryo adoption is considered a matter of contract law as embryos are seen as property.

Two states however do have laws about embryo adoption. Georgia passed a law in 2009 granting embryo adopting parents the right to finalize their adoption in court. Similarly, the state of Louisiana considers embryos ‘judicial persons’ which means: an entity (such as a firm) other than a natural person (human being) created by law and recognized as a legal entity having distinct identity, legal personality and duties and rights.

How do we start the process of Embryo Adoption?
From Tiffany in Omaha

Dear Tiffany,

The first thing I would recommend is learning all you can about the process of embryo adoption. The EmbryoAdoption.org website has an extensive FAQ section, recorded educational webinars and brochures to help you get started.

After research, you will need to select a program to work with. We actually have a list of programs from across the country on the Embryo Adoption Agencies page of our website. I would encourage you to investigate the programs listed to find which fits you best.

I am married and have two embryos left from In Vitro Fertilization. I wanted to donate them. Could you please advise? Thanks.
From Wendy in New York

Dear Wendy,

I am pleased to hear you are considering donating your remaining frozen embryos and you certainly have a few options available to you.

There are eight embryo adoption programs across the United States. We have a list of these programs on our website. If you chose to work with one of these programs, they will likely have you fill out a donor profile listing your preferences, medical history etc... When your embryos are matched with a potential adoptive family, the program will send you the adoptive families profile to view.  After you select an adoptive family, the program will send your profile to that adoptive family for them to approve. When a match is made, the programs will have you sign some legal paperwork, the program will coordinate the shipment of the embryos and you will have officially donated them.

I would specifically recommend looking into the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program. They have a partnership with the Fairfax Cryobank which allows donors to store their embryos at a reduced rate while waiting to be matched.

Many clinics across the country also have donation programs. You can find a list of these clinics on the Clinic Donation page of our website.

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