Embryo donors and adopters share their heartwarming story (Part 2)

(The following was written by an embryo adoptive parent and was published in a Nightlight Christian Adoptions newsletter.)

Edited by the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center

In Part 1, we heard from a couple donating their embryos. Now, in Part 2 we learn the perspective of the adoptive family:

Like many couples, during our courtship and early marriage we talked often of the day we would be parents.You can imagine our dismay after a year passed without any success. This turned into a seven-year journey of medical interventions.

Although there were glimmers of hope during this time, each attempt resulted in crushing disappointment. I would be anything but truthful if I didn’t tell you that this was a devastating experience for us. There were many times that we tried to be gracious as people asked us why we didn’t have or want any children. Infertility can be a misunderstood and lonely experience.

While on the Internet one day, I came across embryo adoption. I was excited to find that there might be an opportunity for us to not only adopt, but also carry the child.

The Matching Process~ Two needs, one love

After discussing embryo adoption with our doctor, we were ready and eager to begin. Although we considered other agencies, we were impressed with the dignity that Nightlight Christian Adoptions brought to the process and the emphasis that they placed on the value of these little lives. At the end of 2006, I contacted them and began our paperwork. Although we were somewhat overwhelmed by all the things that were required of us, we kept focused.

In early 2007, we were so surprised and humbled that we had been selected by a couple to adopt their five embryos. We read through their profile and immediately felt a connection to them. After praying about the decision, we contacted Nightlight and let them know that we wanted to proceed. Knowing how much we wanted children, we are in awe of Barbara and Ken and their incredible gift to us!

Finding Out We Are Pregnant

Having gone through the embryo transfer in October 2007, we eagerly awaited to find out the results. I didn’t sleep well the night before my doctor’s appointment on November 12th. And at 5:00 that morning, I couldn’t wait any longer. I took a pregnancy test and to my amazement it came up positive for pregnancy.

I dissolved into tears and woke Eric up to tell him we were expecting. This is one of the sweetest moments we have ever had in our marriage. We just couldn’t believe, after all these years, we were going to be parents. This was the answer to not only years of individual, but collective prayers.

Pregnancy and The Birth of Kaitlyn

My pregnancy was a wonderful experience, a truly happy time for us.  On July 8th our beautiful baby daughter came into this world. The best day of our lives! As Eric says, “We’re smitten!” Although we thought we understood, we now realize that the emotions of love and protection that you feel when you hold your baby are truly overwhelming. There are still times we find ourselves in tears, simply in awe of Kaitlyn’s presence in our lives. She is our miracle!

Before you were conceived I wanted you.

Before you were born I loved you.

Before you were even an hour old

I would die for you.

This is the Miracle of LOVE.

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