Brand New, Must-See Videos on Successful Embryo Adoption Stories

It may not quite be a Red Carpet Premiere, but today the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center invites you to view three, brand-new videos sharing touching stories from real families who found success through this unique adoption alternative.

Anyone who has considered alternative family building options will relate to some element in these stories. From multiple miscarriages to premature ovarian failure these families gave birth to their children as a result of choosing the extraordinary option of embryo donation and adoption.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the links below to hear these incredible stories - ones that are likely to change the way you think about this exciting adoption option.

Hope Restored by Embryo Adoption
Mike and Son
Mike and Stephanie's dreams of starting a family seemed dim after being diagnosed with male infertility factor. A family member told them about embryo adoption and the couple found new hope.

"My doctor was hopeful that I could carry a baby to term and have a successful pregnancy. We didn't pursue IVF because that wasn't an option for us or any other fertility treatments. (Embryo Adoption)  just seemed like a perfect fit for us and it ended up being a great avenue for us into starting our family." [Stephanie]

Now after two successful pregnancies through embryo adoption, Mike and Stephanie have two healthy boys and took the time to share how it all happened.

Debby and Daughter
Embryo Adoption: The Chosen Option
In 2002, Debby was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure (POF). After traditional adoption and egg donation were ruled out as options for a variety of reasons, Brian and Debby learned about Embryo Adoption.

"It just clicked for us... (Embryo Adoption) was the [adoption] process that fit for us. When we were educated and we found out how many families there were that had remaining embryos in freezers, we thought 'why pursue egg donation and make more embryos when we can have this option and hopefully have a similar success?'  We moved forward from there." [Debby]

Now Brian and Debby's family is complete with a son and daughter as a result of choosing embryo adoption.

An Answer to an Exhaustive Infertility Search
This couple was desperate to find answers to why they were having miscarriage after miscarriage. They had already given birth to two children, but couldn't conceive a third. After countless tests and attempts to figure out their fertility problems, they still had no answers.

J.V. and CathyJ.V. and Cathy began to seek possibilities in domestic adoption, and then their counselor suggested embryo adoption. After investigating and having their concerns alleviated they pursued embryo adoption with gusto.

"When we thought about embryo adoption more seriously, it became a way I could still be pregnant. I felt like 'Oh my goodness, I'm going to get to experience pregnancy with these adopted children. What could be better than that?'  These are all things I experienced with my genetic children and wanted to experience with my adopted children too. That was a huge part of it for me, I enjoy being pregnant." [Cathy]

Hear the rest of the J.V. and Cathy's inspirational story by watching this video.