In 2009, the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center identified four levels of agency involvement with Embryo Donation and Adoption. The fourth level is to begin partnering with a local fertility clinic(s) to provide Embryo Adoption services to clients in your area.

This model allows for a mutually-beneficial relationship between agency and clinic. There are now several agencies across the country that are currently involved in or are pursuing this type of partnership.

One of the agencies considering this innovative path is Adoption Center for Family Building (ACFB) in Skokie, IL, which began pursuing a partnership with Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI) beginning in the spring of 2009.

Tobi Ehrenpreis, Founder and Executive Director of ACFB, said the initial goal was to create a local “advisory board” of experts from the adoption, fertility and legal communities to discuss what a partnership would look like.

“We came up with a plan to put together an advisory board of attorneys from the area, an ethicist, one of the infertility doctors from the clinic, an embryologist… basically we got together all of the different pieces of this process,” she said.

“We really wanted to evaluate whether there was a need for (an Embryo Donation/Adoption program). And it was pretty universal that there was.”

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For more information about Adoption Center for Family Building, visit For further details on how your agency can pursue a partnership like this one, please contact the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center.

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