Embryo Adoption: Is It Legitimate?

Adoption professionals correctly point out that in traditional adoption there are seven core issues: loss, rejection, guilt/shame, grief, identity, intimacy, and control. Do these issues apply to the adoption triad [child/placing parent/adopting parent] only when the child being adopted is … Read More

What if Life Happens…?

The primary reason couples pursue in vitro fertilization is to have a baby. Seems like a reasonable expectation, right? The stack of papers you sign before proceeding with your IVF treatment is thick. A few of those papers will be … Read More

How Long is Long Enough?

Embryo donation for reproduction is a unique option which can help families with remaining embryos make a life-giving choice for remaining embryos they do not plan to use for their own family building. Three reasons to motivate you to make … Read More

Top 3 Concerns about Embryo Donation

Having remaining embryos after you have finished building your family may not be something you were prepared to face. Or maybe you knew with certainty what you would do with your remaining embryos.  Regardless, many questions may come up as … Read More