It’s the holiday season: Stores are buzzing, people are hustling, and we are all gearing up for holidays filled with friends, family, parties, and presents. And yet, in the back of your mind, there’s this lingering thought about those little, frozen embryos just chilling in storage…

Ever think this might be the season to share the ultimate gift of family with someone else?

Maybe you’ve got some remaining embryos from IVF, and the idea of tossing them or sending them off for science does not sit well anymore. Well, here’s a thought – how about donating them to another family?

Embryo donation gives families who have wrapped up their baby-making journey the opportunity pass on their embryos to another family hoping to start theirs, just like you did. Remember, you created those embryos with the hope of bringing a little one into the world. Well, you can still make that happen!

The holidays are all about family and kindness, and seeing your loved ones light up with an amazing gift is unbeatable. Embryo donation, whether through adoption agencies or your fertility clinic’s program, allows you play a part in choosing the perfect family for your special gift. Plus, you might even have someone in your life who’s dreaming of starting a family with a little help.

Why not make this holiday season extra special by giving the most incredible gift – the gift of life, not just to a family but to those embryos you brought into existence.

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