If you are thinking of receiving embryos through an embryo adoption program, you may be required to complete an adoption home study. This will require paperwork, criminal background checks, a home visit, and education. Adoptive families may find themselves questioning the requirement and usefulness of adoption education for embryo adoption. Understandably, you may feel overwhelmed and most likely have done much research long before making the decision to adopt. More education just sounds tedious and time consuming. We get it!

However, take a minute to consider how the required education, focused specifically on an embryo adoption, has numerous benefits to all parties involved in your adoption—the adopting parents, the adopted child, and even the donor family.

Benefits for the Adopting Family

Often times there are aspects of embryo adoption that couples have not even considered or are not quite prepared to navigate—prior to the adoption and/or post-birth. Education through webinars, books, blogs/articles cover extremely helpful information on topics such as:

Families should feel educated about their decision and confident in their desire to adopt a child through this unique form of adoption. As you work together through the education, you will find that having a firm grasp and understanding of topics like these to be grounding and empowering.

Benefits for the Adopted Child

Your adopted child will obviously have a different birth/origin story than other children that are biological or adopted through other adoption programs. Being prepared to share with them their unique birth story/origin at an age appropriate time and in an age appropriate way will make a huge difference in how they view themselves—feeling secure and confident in their identity. Helpful resources will cover topics such as:

Benefits for the Donor Family

When adoptive parents complete embryo adoption specific education, it gives peace of mind to embryo donor families who are considering them. Embryo donor families want to feel confident in in their choice to place embryos with families that are prepared and educated about raising these children.

In conclusion, embryo adoption education is beneficial for the adoptive family, the adopted child, and the embryo donor family. It ensures you are thoroughly equipped to skillfully navigate this unique form of adoption in all its various stages.

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